Thursday, October 8, 2009

We Visit Home and Have a Dramatic Coffee Trip

Still making it across the country. We have been staying with my parents for the past few days which has been really nice. My parents have never been the type to make a huge ordeal out of us coming home. A few days before hand my mom calls and asks us what kinda of deli meat we want and, "Oh yeah, Nick likes pumpkin pie, right?" My mom and I make at least one obligatory trip to the mall five minutes from our house and discuss what shops are new and what went out of business. Every time we go I always can't help but feel like she is a little disappointed when I don't buy anything, despite all the discussion on being thrifty and saving money. Should I purchase something, the flood gates open and she repeatedly goads me, "You could always buy that throw pillow, it would look perfect with the painting you just got." But, in all fairness I do the same thing to her too. I believe in most "anonymous" programs this is called "enabling."

Nick and I were also able to meet up with old high school friends and their respective spouses, who I consider high school friends as well; not only for the ease of categorizing the people I know, but also because they are that damn cool. Few things in the world are better than having drinks with people you have known since before you were old enough to drink, legally or otherwise. It is one of those things that makes you realize that getting older may not be so bad because there are a few things that don't change, they merely become variations of the past events. And yes, this becomes particularly clarified when you all gather and have a drink while watching "Dawson's Creek." A show you remember watching with your best friend and turning to each other afterward and comparing each plot twist with your own life(although devoid of the copious sexual escapades...we were good kids). No, I am not above admitting that. There is one of these shows for each generation, at least ours had
overly advanced vocabulary and syntax. So there.

Lastly, something awesome happened this morning. Nick and I had an imaginary standoff with a slim Asian family. Let me explain. My husband is one of the most offensive drivers in the history of things with wheels. Had he been around during the days of horse drawn carriages he would have taken the blinders off the horses and trained them to attack oncoming buggies. This morning we went to Barnes and Noble to procure some coffee and an audio book for the last half of our trip. We found a woman getting into here car to leave at the end of the first row of the whole lot. Nick approaches but is a little late in turning on his blinker so a tan Volvo approaches at the same time. Nick starts strategizing out loud the best angle to swoop in and snag the spot before the Volvo can even hit the gas. Because Nick would probably have the skills to drive an SUV through the narrowest alley in Europe while breaking the sound barrier and come out without so much as a scratch; he snags the primo spot with ease. As we reach for the door handles the Volvo stops and idles behind our car for a few moments. Shit. We pissed off the wrong people. We sat still hoping there wouldn't be some over-caffeinated, over-empowered, and over-stressed guy in business apparel rapping on our window to scream at us for 5 minutes. The the Volvo moved on, to park, in the loading zone adjacent to the Double shit. At this point we are both convinced that some overweight guy in a trucker cap and sweat stained t-shirt is going to hop out, grab the baseball bat from his trunk and start huffing and puffing his way towards us. We sat. We debated whether we would have time to make it to safety inside the populated book store. We sat for probably about 5 minutes. Finally, two skinny Asian kids with glasses and laptop bags hopped out of the back seat and walked past our row of cars and hopped into the car they were meeting two rows behind us.

Tune in next time when the Roas run scared from leaves blowing in the wind.

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