Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Not taking 2010 while sitting down

Happy New Year to All!

I would like to start this, my first post of 2010, by giving you all my most sincere thanks. I have truly enjoyed writing this blog and I like to tell myself I would still write it even if no one read it, and maybe I would, but it would sure be less motivating. Every time one of you mentions that you are reading and enjoying my little corner of the Internet it makes my week. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and rounded out 2009 in high spirits. My 2009 was nothing if not a crazy and delightfully challenging year all the way through to the very last days of 2009. Really my Christmas is quite aptly summed up in this photo: Cluttered coffee table full of cookbooks, random items used in some homemade gifts, crackers and cheese, and the all too important half-drunk bottle of wine. But I do my best work under deadline.

Today, though, instead of looking back on 2009 and all its quirks and triumphs and moments that made me want to light my hair on fire....and lord knows there were PLENTY of those moments....I would rather invite you to look forward with me.
I have never really been one for New Year's resolutions primarily due to the fact that I was usually to tired to think of good resolutions, much less follow through with them. But now that I have all this free time and I am lacking employment in a.....yeah I'll go ahead and say it......completely degrading and soul sucking industry (well,degrading and sould sucking for me, at the very least) I feel I can safely come up with some specific and reasonable goals for 2010. I share them with you as, hopefully, a preview of somethings that will be up and coming for this blog this year. So please join me this year as I try to tackle, very likely fail at, then whine and kvetch, try again, and with any luck succeed at the following:

1. No TV Tuesday. I haven't devised concrete rules on this yet cause I am going to be honest with myself and say I can totally go the whole day with it off, but I need to break the habit of just keeping it on for company. Seriously, I am like dog, the dialogue makes me comfortable. Now, caveat here. If ABC decides to suddenly air the last season of LOST on Tuesday nights all bets are off.

2. I will read one book a month, if not two depending on the length of the book, and maybe 2 months of Atlas Shrugged. That is one mother of a literary work, I won't kid myself with a 30 day goal.

3. This year I will train for and run a 5k.
I am laughing at myself as I write this, but it is out in cyberspace now so I can't take it back.

4. I am going to start a potted herb garden once the weather warms. I am damn sick and tired of spending money for fresh herbs. This is probably going to be one of the bigger challenges for me as I don't have a green thumb. Scratch that, I have whatever is opposite of a green thumb. This is the girl that consciously killed a poinsettia plant in college cause she simply got bored of watering it. Thankfully dogs, cats, and husbands are cute and do tricks and will try remind you when they are hungry otherwise they may have been led to the same fate. That being said if you have and tips see comment box below.

5. I will pick up my camera more. No witty, snarky statement here. It is just somethin
g that needs to happen.

6. I am going to refinish the rocking chair on our porch. We have had this rocking chair since we got married. It was one of those things that just showed up with our stuff from Nick's house, which basically means my mother-in-law wanted to get it out of her house, and hell, who am I to turn down a free rocking chair? But we haven't really done anything with it cause it's all dirty and stuff cause it's been sitting in a basement or a garage for the past....I really don't know how long. So, I am determined to clean it up, sand it down and repaint it. I might loose a finger in the process but it will all be in the name of learning a new skill...well that and having an awesome chair for our porch so I can sit out on a summer day and like sip a mint julep or something ridiculous and pretend to actually be southern for 15 minutes.

7. I will learn to crochet for real. I lear
ned very basically in college. That means if you need a potholder or a scarf or a blanket or anything else that is square or rectangular in nature I am all the heck over. White on freaking rice. But really, one can only have so many knit scarves. So I bought a book a month ago and haven't gotten to pick it up yet but it is on the list now. Gauntlet has been thrown.

8. This is the big one. This is the one that is bound to cause multiple meltdowns this year. In fact, I am willing to put a number of 50 bottles of wine going to self medicate me on this one issue. Being as it is January. I am no longer moving. I am no longer having to deal with the holidays and cooking and going out of town and having a revolving door of guests in my apartment, I have to decide what I am going to do down here. Job? Volunteer? Start vacuuming in pearls and pick up a Valium habit? Take random classes and hope we don't
run out of money? Start and underground cock-fighting league? Really the possibilities are endless and I am open for suggestions....see comment box below.

So let's go. 2010, it's on!


  1. Run a 5k? I'm sooo holding you to that one. Bwahahaha!

  2. You wanna be my camera buddy? Shaun and I picked out our new digital SLR this weekend and I need to learn how to use all the buttons.

  3. Erika - you can do it! I did the half marathon (13.1 or 13.2 miles!) last June and it was very difficult but rewarding once it was done. I might even do it again someday (and am currently considering a relay race in CA with my brother, up to 24 miles in 24 hours, usually in 2-8 miles at a time).

    Good luck with everything and keep us posted! :)


    PS thanks for the Holiday card!

  4. You go girl! You can buy a potted herb garden at Lowe's (& get a 10% military discount-but you must ask for it)! Already started and ready to be eaten!

    When you figure out the crocheting thing let me know. I've done it a few times. I need to refinish some chairs as well. We've had them since, well, before kids! Plus I'm sure you sat on one! Glad it didn't break! Happy 2010!!

  5. How is the potted herb garden going for you mysterious other Peggy? I've always wondered about those, and I am certainly never going to start a full outdoor garden.

  6. I loved volunteering at MUSC childrens. It is very rewarding!