Monday, January 18, 2010

Somewhere an Olivia Newton John song is playing......

My friend Rachel just left this morning after a quick little weekend visit here in Charleston. Naturally we acted like complete gluttons all weekend; wine, cheese, craft beer, sweet tea, pecan pie, grits, cocktails, fried green tomatoes, boudin eggs benedict, ridiculous Mexican & Italian, was bad. My body will be punishing me for the next week and a half which means today, Monday, was a perfect day to really recommit to this whole physical fitness sham I am trying to buy into.

I took a small hiatus from working out right before Christmas. We had revolving door of guests from the 21st through New Year's and I just wasn't going to kid myself by saying I was going to keep up the routine through all that. Then I got a nasty little cold and one of the symptoms I always develop every time I am sick is total abject laziness. So last week I started by making my way into the cardio room and hitting the elliptical to prepare myself for the shit show that was today.

I went on my first run for the first time in a few weeks today. I knocked it back a notch from where I was before Christmas and I completed my little circuit, but it was miserable. Towards the end I started feeling like those old guys that go out jogging in pleat-front khaki shorts, undershirt, and ball cap with their little headphone radios that have the antenna sticking up. Of course they don't really jog, they just shuffle, and while you admire their pluck you are also concerned they are biting off more than they can chew and you might have to call 911 any moment. That was me, I shuffled.

In addition to running I am going to start throwing cycling into the mix of things. Nick bought me a bike for Christmas. I am pretty excited about it. We took it out for a test run this past Thursday. That was painfully awkward. I am the type of person that is constantly tripping of my own feet, walking into furniture or doorways, or falling downstairs. I have also not been on a bike in over a decade. While I have yet to eat some pavement that whole phrase about "riding a bike" is not something one should cling to for reassurance. I hopped on my little Schwinn like it was nothing, wobbled a little and suddenly realized I didn't really remember how to turn. How much to I lean into it? What's the turning radius on this thing? Is it like a car to I need to brake before executing the turn? More wobbling, I may have almost run into a car, pulled off the turn, then got nervous and braked a little to hard and almost went flying over the front of the bike. I believe this was the point where Nick started to regret the gift. He spent the next 3o minutes critiquing my mount and dismount of the bike, shaking his head a lot, and muttering "This was such a bad idea, you are going to kill yourself" to which I promptly responded with, "Will not, shut up."

Clearly, I have also matured a lot since the last time I was on a bike......

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  1. You crack me up! Keep it up, girl! I have been out of the running habit for a few months (!!!) and need to get back into it... I still do soccer 1x a week and started up a fitness/dance class on Saturdays, but Titan and I could both use the running! Good luck with the cycling!