Thursday, February 11, 2010

For the Tree-Huggers in my life.....

It should be noted that I love the thought of going green in my own little way. I truly respect and admire those who make "being green" a way of life and a total overhaul sort of thing. I, however, don't feel that sort of urgency on the subject and don't plan on trading in my car for consistent use of my bike anytime soon. Of course I don't live in an area that facilitates a practical use of a bike AND I drive a fuel efficient car, so there, rationalized. Nonetheless, I most certainly hold a philosophy that blankets the rest of my life in that I believe in not being wasteful and being respectful of your environment etc. However, tonight I think I found a cause I can truly get behind.

This evening I went to a wine/chocolate tasting at Ted's Butcherblock co sponsored by Charleston's chapter of Slow Food USA and featuring chocolate from Christophe Chocolates. It was super delightful, I heart Ted's, the wines were great, yada, yada. What you really need to know is that Christophe and Ted heard about this pig called the Black Guinea Hog which produces amazingly fatty and henceforth amazingly tasty bacon. They got a hold of some of this bacon and played around with it to find some new uses for it. They came up with bacon dipped in dark chocolate with either black pepper or cayenne dusting the top. It was really, really, good. But that is beside the point....The interesting thing is that the Guinea Hog has been dwindling in numbers. Red Guinea....extinct. Black Guinea needs some help. And this is how us people who love to eat are helping. Rediscovering the deliciousness and hence encouraging the breeding of the Guinea Hog.

So yes, I would shout if from the rooftop, but I don't have access. So I shout it via the interwebs, let us save the Black Guinea Hog!....cause it is so tasty!

What can I say? I am a lover of irony......well, that, and bacon.


  1. See, now why can't more people present conservation to me like you've done. Yes, now I understand it's our duty to protect our bacon makers.

  2. LMAO I am seriously cracking up here. LOVE this post. :)

    (PS.. I replied to your comment on my page.. not sure if that is how things are supposed to work? lol)

  3. Erika, I'm with TS Hendrik 100%
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Betty xx

  4. hahahahahahaha. love it. and you made me really hungry for bacon/chocolate desserts. hrmmm.

  5. How funny! You ARE quite the connoisseur now aren't you! :D

    I hope you had a fantastic Valentines Day!


  6. I gave your blog an award, stop by to get it some time. :)

  7. If eating bacon can save the world I'm ordering my super hero cape today.

  8. LOL!!! I don't eat bacon but I might if it was dipped in chocolate:) don'tcha just love causes!! :)