Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Might Be the Female Taylor Lautner

Something you may not know about me; I am built like a 13 year old boy that holds great promise for his high school wrestling team. I am of average height, maybe a little on the tall side, fairly average build, close to flat chested and, as I am discovering, I pack on muscle. Who knew?

I am still running and recently decided that perhaps I should throw some basic ab work and free weight work into the mix. Don't be impressed, we are talking about a few sit ups and some random curls with my 8 lb weight (yeah, 8lbs, I'm a total hoss, right?). I would like to be able to tell you I have become a workout junkie but that is not the case. I still rationalize my way out of working out as much as I possibly can. Things like "Oh it's raining" or "I just worked out yesterday" or "Well, I'll run tomorrow" or "I have to be at (fill in the blank) in 2 hours so that really isn't enough time for me to get a good pre-run meal, let it digest, work out, shower and be at (fill in the blank) on time" are still rolling around my inner monologue a lot. I am trying to fix that but right now I am averaging I would say 2 good work-outs a week.

From just that little bit I am not losing weight and developing a dainty toned figure, oh no, I am starting to pack on muscle. Which would be totally cool if I dug female bodybuilding. I would be stoked, like, oh, here's the thing I am good at, the thing I am supposed to be doing with my life. But no, I don't even like my guys that ripped. During my several years of not working out I was kinda hoping my quads from 6 years of cheer leading would atrophy a little, they didn't, and now they are coming back all big and angry. Like getting the hulk mad, or feeding Gizmo after midnight and getting a Gremlin. Man, I would love to shank the guy that decided there was not enough money to be made in wide leg jeans and that skinnies were the way to go this decade.

I have basically come to terms with the fact that holding to my resolve to get fit and overcome my aversion and insecurity surrounding physical activity will lead to me looking like a damn gymnast by the end of the year. But a gymnst without all the cool coordination and the ability to do flips. I'll be a gymnast that walks into doorways and trips over her own feet.

Until that day I will just keep working out and coming back feeling a little more and a little more like that once scene from Benjamin Button only not as bony, and in a sports bra.


  1. NOT FAIR Ms Erika! You stole my workout excuses lol :)

    Funny post loved it!


  2. Ugh. Working out.

    Walking to the copier 12 times an hour burns calories, right?

  3. I hear ya. My quads are the size of small children. Or large burritos, whatever :)

  4. Too funny!! haha!
    Erika, you're nominated for an award!. Please check out my site.
    Betty xx

  5. lol you are motivating me to work out! :) that movie was awesome. I'm stopping by and following you from Cut and Dry. I looked up pukadog and saw it was hawaiian, did you live there? My husband and I are doing research to make the move out there, its going to take some time but we love the big island and want to live there so much!!

  6. Hey Erika- found you through Nicole's blog at Simple Travels. I'm always looking for new blogs to read and follow! Your picture from Benjamin Button cracked me up!

    Shannon from:http://www.milkandcuddles.com/

  7. Also you aren't a bobblehead. What's with the size of the cranium on that dude?