Friday, March 5, 2010

A little self disclosure.....

I have a confession.  Television is my crack.  I am not proud of it.  But in my defense, I do not watch just any crap on TV.   Ok, maybe some of it is total shit, but not all of it.  And because there are few things I enjoy more than learning random facts about people and trying to determine personality from those little things, (that's right, kids, I profile stalk you all) I thought I would put myself on the line and tell you what will keep me on the couch for the next few months.  Let the judging begin!

Hoarders on A&E - I am fairly certain this (although well checked) runs in my family.  Watching this show is my way of rubbing my nose in it so hopefully, when I have kids, I won't start keeping their fingernail clippings.
No Reservations on The Travel Channel - My husband and I both have huge crushes on Anthony Bourdain.  The places, people, and food the show features are always awesome and very interesting.  But more than anything the man can write.  His narration is always the perfect blend of truly jaded but still hopeful and a little sentimental.  I would highly recommend anyone read his book "The Nasty Bits" which is a collection of his essays both before his series started and during taping of earlier seasons.
Pawn Stars on The History Channel - It's like antique roadshow for young people.
How I Met Your Mother on CBS - Legen....wait for it.....dary.

LOST on ABC - I am a sucker for stories that are actually puzzles and make you try figure out what the hell is going on.  

Criminal Minds on CBS - Gruesome murders and psycho analysis?  Sold.
Glee on Fox (New episodes in April) - As a former theater and speech dork I love this show with every ounce of my soul

CSI on CBS - Yes, I realize this show has probably long since jumped the shark but I have watched it for too long.  I am past the point of no return.
The Office on NBC -  This show is just funny and I am in love with Jim.

Ghost Adventures on The Travel Channel - Nick and I actually call this show "Douchebags on Parade" cause the hosts of the show are just such fantastic tools.  They know they are running a TV show and as such, are great showmen.  Terribly entertaining to watch.  Also I LOVE old buildings and the history behind them.  This show actually does a decent job of discussing and telling anecdotes about the locations they visit.

Finally, should I ever end up channel surfing on the weekend the TV will inevitably end up on one of the following:  CNN, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, History Channel, or A&E.  And if anyone should ever find out who I need to petition, shank, or sleep with in order to get the show Pushing Daisies back on the air, let me know.

Have a great weekend everyone!  And hopefully the weather will be in support of my finishing my rocking chair this week. 


  1. And in honor of a self disclosure post I added a formspring box...

  2. You're a Pushing Daisies fan? I liked you already but now it's through the roof. Last I heard was that they were talking about the possibility of doing a movie. But who knows.

    I love Pawn Stars. I also like antique roadshow though. I'm not bound by generational issues. lol. Have you tried the new show Pickers, that follows Pawn Stars? I'm quickly getting sucked in.

  3. Have you watched The Big Bang Theory. It's on CBS a few shows after How I Met Your Mother. I could really see Nick as a character! It's physics meets the awkward reality of having to be social. Jason and I literally fall on the floor laughing every time we watch it!

  4. I'm totally related to you, Erika!
    TV is my crack, too.
    I love the "Lost" and others. Dr House , too.
    Have a great weekend, and thanks so much for your lovely commnents.
    Betty xx

  5. I don't watch any show religiously anymore. I keep missing episodes and getting completely lost. So, I've turned to movies. Hint Hint about the question I'm going to ask you...

  6. I've got a man-crush on Anthony Bourdain too. That's a great show. I like Pawn Stars and the Office too. Great shows. Also I started getting into Dexter... that's a kick ass show. It's about a serial killer that works for the police department and only kills other serial killers.

  7. Erika, you and I have very similar tastes in TV - well, except for Hoarders, which I straight out refuse to watch. You should watch Community - it's totally the new Office. And although it might seem like I work for them, given the amount of time I spend trying to pimp this show, I really just think it's that good!

  8. I watch several of those same shows.

    ADORE Glee!!!!

    Can't get enough of it! :)

    p.s. I highly recommend "Modern Family" on ABC. :)

  9. Hi Erika - new follower here! Found you via NWM and I will make sure to visit again.

    Good choices for shows. I recently got into Hoarders but How I Met Your Mother is a HUGE FAV of mine and excellent choice for Monday night. Last week's "Hook" episode was one of my favorites so far this season. Show never gets old to me.

  10. the wife and i are addicted to lost. i think the writers are stoned...

  11. I loved Wonderfalls! Bryan Fuller also created another short lived show called Dead Like Me. Have you seen that one? It was a favorite of mine. Actually, I'm thinking this whole thing would make a good future post.

  12. I can totally relate! Now that I don’t work two jobs and have no computer on the home front, I have never in my life watched so much tv. Lost is my fav, CSI is awesome, love The Office, I can’t watch Hoarders anymore cause it gives me anxiety and I finally love Pawn stars! I am so addicted to bad reality shows like HW, Bad Girls Club, Pretty Wicked, Kardashian’s, Tori and Dean…..there are so many. I also just found that I love all these new documentaries on 12/21/2012. Help Me!!!

  13. Hello- found your through Bo's comments and came to say hi. I am with you on No Reservations. Totally fantastic writer. The brew fest looks like fun and I have never heard of a bacon brownie but is sounds good!???

  14. ooo nice shows!!!! I am in love with the Office too! I also love Greys anatomy, private practice, No reservations, and Fringe. ooo and Big Bang Theory, thats a cute one!

    I really want to see How to Make it in America and I'll join you in the offer for Pushing Daisies! lol. my hubs and I used to watch that together:)

  15. LOST rules. Well um until this season. Still not sold on it yet. Do you watch Flashforward?

  16. Hoarders totally sucks me in too. And who isn't in love with Halpert. Not Krasinski...HALPERT!

  17. thank God for crack, er um cable TV..
    No reservations is the best show on TV! cable or otherwise.
    My second can't miss series is "flipping out."

    I just stumbled onto your blog and like it. I think I'm gonna hang around if you don't mind.

  18. OMG...I just stumbled across your blog, and I laughed my arse off. :)

    Love the show "Hoarders"....and your statement about fingernail clippings...bwaahaahaha!! *snarf*

  19. Obsessed with lost, glee and the office. And hoarders is a guilty pleasure. Especially the one with Lindsay Lohan.