Tuesday, July 27, 2010


For the past few weeks I have wanted to post.  Thought of posting.  Planned out topics to write about and noted them in my planner.  But I haven't been able to actually make myself sit down and write on this blog.  If you had asked my why not a few weeks ago all I would have been able to give you is a vague, "Ehh, I don't really feel like it."  Truth is I have been feeling like anything I would end up writing would be disingenuous.  Like I was forcing someone else to write an anecdote I quickly related.  That seemed so silly though, until last week. 

Last week my husband hit the nail on the head.  (This is why I married the guy.)  Out of the blue he looked at me and said, "You know, we have been living in this place [the new condo] for a couple months now and I still don't feel at home."  Then clouds parted, there was lighting striking a light bulb above my head, a big booming voice, the pets started talking the whole nine yards and I knew he was right.  We are still barely unpacked and for two people who know, maybe enough people in town to count on two hands, we are stupidly busy.  For crying out loud we somehow were socially double booked this past Saturday evening.  Which sounds like it should be awesome, right?  Not particularly, friends.

Little known fact, I am a pretty closeted introvert.  If given the choice of going out in a large group or going out with one trusted friend I will always choose the one friend.  If invited on an outing with several people, I will probably go, cause I feel socially obligated to.  I will very likely have a good time.  I may even be with people I adore and I may have a great time, but secretly I will also be thinking of how nice it would have been to spend the afternoon at home doing whatever I want.  (There are a few exceptions to that rule.)  So with the bombardment of summer activities, cause Charleston just rolls like that, I am beginning to feel like I am a double agent in my own life.  I don't even know who I am working for at the moment.  I have just kept going through the motions to avoid getting caught in my own lie and it is making me a very cranky and unhappy individual.

But things are on upswing.  My brother-in-law just moved into his own place after staying with us for a month.  While I adore the boy and he was the best house guest ever, you never stop playing hostess no matter how long someone stays in your home, and that is exhausting.  Plus, you never realize how much you love time on your own and the independence to walk around your own home in your undies until you can't do that anymore.

In addition, I am taking serious ownership of my own time.  I am now going to yoga three times a week and I have started running again.  The running is miserable, thanks to the 90 degree weather combined with the like 3,000% humidity down here but I figure that starting to run in this crap will set me up with a solid base for fall.  I have also started cooking again.  Which for those of you who know me or have been following this blog for any decent amount of time, you probably understand how insane things must have been around here for me to stop cooking.  I still haven't started all the reading I used to do but I think tonight might be the night for that too.

Right now I am planning on trying to set a blogging schedule for Tue and Sun evenings.  We will see how that works out.  I am also considering putting together a photo-a-day blog. Perhaps next week.  So here we go.  Charleston part 2 subpoint B: Life as Homeowners and both employed full-time.  Ready, go.