Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Basements don't fix everything.

I never thought I would say this.........but I really miss Midwest weather.  It is a thought that has crossed my mind over the past few weeks when I would briefly step outside to go to the car and would feel like I was drowning due to the humidity.  It was like atmospheric water boarding.  But this week is for an entirely different reason.

There is a hurricane scheduled to make it's way up the coast towards the end of the week.  I should say up front that by all accounts of every forecast I have seen (and there have been several), right now Charleston does not appear to be in the path of this thing.  Which is super awesome.  To say the least.  I have to admit though, I am both super annoyed and fairly confused about the whole hurricane process.

I grew up in tornado alley so every spring there would be epic thunderstorms that shook the entire house and they actually grew to be fairly endearing.  Sometimes they would get super nasty and you would have to keep an eye out your window and check for hail.  If things REALLY went down hill you would pack everyone up head to the basement for like an hour or so and hope there would still be an upstairs when you emerged.  But you were comforted to know that the sheer probability of that amount of destruction is, on the whole, quite unlikely.  That's it.  No preparation.  The entire thing is over in a matter of a few hours.  Wham.  Bam.  Thank you ma'am.

But I have been glued to the weather for the past few days on this thing.  Will it change course?  Could I ride it out?  Will I have to hightail it out of town?  (Which let's just all pause and recognize that there is the possibility that I could get run out of an uber southern city by a storm named Earl.  That is far to Dixie Chicks for me to even handle.  Totally ludicrous.)

Then I get on the computer cause I have heard that there are emergency kits we are supposed to make up for just such things as hurricanes.  We are supposed to have extra water etc. etc.  The list, or should I say booklet, made me even more confused cause the emergency item list was like 5 pages long.  All of a sudden I am envisioning this bomb shelter we are going to have to build to contain all this emergency stuff, 90% of which we have floating around the house already. (You know, things like: salt, sugar, flour--they were on the list).  But the bomb shelter idea is totally counter intuitive cause it would be underground and that would be the first thing to flood.  So scratch that plan.  This led to more questions: If I have it in my house right now, do I need to buy extra to fulfill this kit?  (I am just type "A" enough to be compelled to do something like that)  Do I need to stash all of this together in a safe place like the basement (no Erika, no basement, I need to break that instinct)?  If I have to evacuate, surely I shouldn't have to bring my salt and sugar with me right?  Or will there be a shortage in the Western portion of the state, or wherever I end up?  I don't even know!!!  

Don't get me wrong we are prepared, well, as prepared as one can really be.  It is just the whole experience is really foreign to me.  Like I said, tornadoes and severe thunderstorms involved no preparation and had the same rules as the cold war, stay away from windows, duck and cover.  I miss that simplicity

The whole thing made me think of the "Slap bet" on "How I Met Your Mother" and the discussion on whether it is worse to get slapped out of the blue, or to know when you will get slapped so you can prepare/agonize to ridiculous lengths over it.  I have discovered I prefer the first.  This whole, having time to prepare a.k.a having a whole week to spas out, is for the birds.

I hear there is another tropical storm forming that should be moving toward land like next week?  So I have to deal with this whole will it/won't it thing again?  Cause I needed something else in my life to senselessly obsess over.  I can just feel my hair turning even more gray as I type this.


  1. haha- if your sugar floats away I'll send you some!

  2. I am a total weather geek. I LOVE watching a nasty thunderstorm complete with a fabulous light show! Hurricanes are...meh. My real dream is to chase a tornado! Don't think it'll ever happen...but wow, that would be fun! (P.S. Tornado obviously must be moving AWAY from me.)

  3. You could always hope that should the hurricane hit, that it would take out your place of employment?

  4. Good luck with everything. I have a friend in NC that's sweating it out as well. I should give him a call.

  5. I'm so happy we don't have to deal with "weather" where I live. Of course, you probably don't like earthquakes...

  6. I haven't seen a rain storm/thunderstorm in sooooo long. I use to live in Ottawa and it would rain all the time, I use to complain about it, but now since moving to LA I do miss the rain like CRAZY. It would be nice if it rained once in a while...

  7. I feel ya lady. We know that all too well here in FL!