Tuesday, August 10, 2010


While I was on hiatus from writing we accidently got another cat.  This is him. 
We named him Bingley.  Which, naturally, has been shortened to Bing when we are yelling at him not to scratch the couch, jump on the kitchen counter, scale the curtains like a ninja, or blitzkrieg our other cat, Lizzy.  "Bing" in turn, then lead us to calling him "Los Links" due to this commercial...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33FVUJJyJqA 

So please, go ahead, imagine my husband and I shaking our fists in the air, exclaiming, "LOS LINKS!!!!" while this tiny little orange cat immediately drops what he is doing, gives us a WTF look, then prances off.  Never a dull moment here I tell ya.

I say we accidently got him cause, in classic Nick and Erika fashion, we never intended to look for another cat.  In fact, we had talked about how we had the freedom to get another pet, now that we owned the condo, but maybe it would be best to simply leave it at two.  So much for that.

I had taken our cat, Lizzy, to the vet and here was this little orange cat in a cage behind reception.  In passing I asked about him fully expecting him to be waiting to be picked up by owners or some such thing when the receptionist said that he was the last in a litter of strays that was adopted out and that he had been the last little guy for a few weeks.  Cue the sound of shattering glass that was my heart falling to my feet. 

Ever the rationalist, though, I left him there only to immediately put on pouty face and little kid voice (you know the one, every girl has her own version) when Nick got home.  And how does Nick respond when I tell him about this cute little kitten?  Does he reinforce my mature decision?  No.  He looked at me with a great deal of scrutiny and said, "Well, why didn't you bring him home?  Major fail, Erika."  The next morning, he looked at me and said, "What was the name of the other guy in 'Pride and Prejudice' cause you know the new cat will have to stay in theme with the pet names.  Oh!  It was Bingley, wasn't it?  So when we going to go get him?"  And as soon as Nick had named the cat it was only a matter of hours until we were back at the vets office filling out adoption paperwork.

And that is why my husband and I might be good people, but really shouldn't be taken seriously as adults.   


  1. awwww that kitty is precious!!!

  2. I can pretty much hear the conversation between you and Nick. And that is why I adore you guys.

  3. Taking in a stray cat! I like you even more now. We have three of them! They are all now lap cats, but didn't start out that way...

  4. HE'S SO CUTE! Also, "LOS LINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!" classic.