Sunday, September 5, 2010

We Used to Write Letters.....

I am not a particularly sensitive person.  I like to think I have a pretty thick-skin.  My feathers don't ruffle easily.  Except when it comes to.....well, I guess, art in general.  Photos and illustrations that are particularly moving will get me misty eyed.  I have already discussed the ability for books to make me weepy.  Movies and certain TV episodes will cause me to break down in such away that "pterodactyl" will look at me, half smiling, and ask "are you okay?"  I tell him to shut up and usually throw a pillow at him.  (Though I am pretty sure he finds the whole scenario endearing.)

In any case,  I am not sure I can put my thumb on it.

Maybe I am just having an emotional little day for no real reason.

Maybe it is because I am just the right age to barely remember when there was no internet and this is so advanced it is mind blowing.

Maybe it is because I grew up with a father that holds a true reverence for childhood and that was passed on to me even while I was just a kid.

Maybe it is because since graduating high school I have moved 7 times (well 8 if you count the month I was in Germany for school) so I have a lot of "I used to"s in my life and my definition of "home" gets hazier and more all-encompassing every year (both a good and a bad thing).

I am not totally sure what it was but this seriously moved me to tears, like REALLY moved me to tears, and I thought I would pass it on..... 

(Note:  There will be lots of windows that pop up on your desktop.  They aren't ads or anything.  Leave your cursor alone and just sit back and enjoy the show.  Also, NPR tells me it must be viewed in Safari or Google Chrome.  The linked article also has some more info about the project - but watch the video first.)

P.S.  This week's photo is here...

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  1. I'm the opposite. I get moved easily. Not that I cry all the time, but the world becomes more interesting once you move past the superficial. Art easily does this to me.