Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Because I like TV a little too much....

It is that time of year again.  All my season finale's have aired and now the weather is nice, so I will  probably end up being a better person for the next few months, maybe.  Nonetheless, I miss my TV friends.  Although, to truly be honest, several of this years finales were missed due to my lack of cable and total distraction with things like employment and home owning.  But I was able to watch the REALLY important ones.  (Was it just me or was the "How I Met Your Mother" finale a little weak?  Not bad, just weak.)

I did want to share some thoughts on one show in particular, and that is Glee. 

Glee shares a very special spot in my heart for reasons that I could not fully describe to most of my close friends, let alone, a blog (but I will try).  I am sure everyone has had a show like Glee.  A show that appears when you need it to. 

For me, Glee's pilot teaser was aired right about the time my husband moved to San Diego with the Navy before I joined him there a few months later.  At this point I was 100% burnt out at my job and to be frank, was barely going through the motions at work.  And anyone who knows me will tell you I am happiest when I am working and feeling productive.  Being as such, I knew I was moving to a temporary situation where I would definitely be unemployed for about 3 months (and for an undetermined amount of time after that, once we made our move to our new duty station).  I found the prospect of having zero commitments both relieving and daunting at the same time.  The most daunting part being that I had no direction for what I wanted to do with all that time and in what direction I was going to steer my life once we had settled down a little.

Then along came this show.  It made me think about the crazy, relentless, optimistic, fearless, can-do (if not frequently angsty) kid I was in high school and in college.  You know, back in the days when we did what we were supposed to do AND what we wanted to do.  And, for me at least, many times those things were one in the same.  It really made me wonder where that girl had wondered off....I needed to find her number again. 

She was the girl that if she wanted write, she wrote, she had a computer, right?  Or if she wanted to sew, she would try and sew, after all, her best friend had a sewing machine.  Instead of this adult who got totally emotionally winded by the end of the day by a job that made her feel two inches tall and whose logic was, writing would be such a waste of time, no one would read it.  Or I can't do (fill in the blank with virtually anything) because it would: cost too much money, take to much time to learn, or clearly if I can hire someone to do it for me then that means you need to have a skill set I don't have and then I'll screw the whole thing up.

Then, I realized, that I actually had it better than the sleep deprived high school kid I was cause I was making way more money than I was in high school, I was legal, and I didn't have my parents around to subversively influence every decision I made (look up overachiever in the dictionary and I will be pictured in my high school cheerleading uniform, National Honor Society pin, speech trophies, play programs, etc. etc. etc.).  I could actually do whatever I wanted to do.

So the short end to all that is, yes, Glee has a special place in my heart.  It had me at the show choir version of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.  Which, when pressed, I would have to say if Nick and I had a song, it would be that one.  I can hear my mom rolling her eyes from half way across the country.  Yeah, I realize it isn't romantic, but we are kinda ornery like that.

With that being the longest intro to what I really wanted to get at with this post some thoughts (I will try to remain spoiler-free) on Glee.

1.  My biggest concern is that this is going to jump the shark soon.  One of the most charming things about the show for me was that while there is a lot of exaggeration the show is fairly down-to-earth which I saw it start to lose and go the route of "Ugly Betty" towards the end of this season.  In the same way that "Ugly Betty" started out as a cute fish out of water story then turned a little to telenovella with everyone in and out of prison or comas, the bit with Rachel Berry and her mom, toed that soap opera line a little close.  And while I really appreciate the fantastic little bits of really solid dramatic acting (that usually end up in Kurt story lines) I really hope the show lays off of some of the Public Service Announcement themes and lofty mature speeches made by high schoolers.  That only worked once and it was on Dawson's Creek.  Those kids could wax philosophically, but they weren't funny, I can tell you that.

2.  I really hope they keep Idina Menzel as a recurring character....and make her sing more.

3.  High school girl Erika has a major crush on Phinn.  Could you pass him this note and have him check yes, no, or maybe?

4.  Can someone let the kid who plays Puck sing more?  That guy has a voice.

5.  How has Josh Groban guested on this show twice now and "acted" (which, god bless him, he just can't do) but not sung.  How is that even possible?

6.  I heart every scathing and wonderful line that leaves Sue Sylvestor's mouth.

7.  Can Neil Patrick Harris come back too?

And on a final, totally tangential note.....

Dear Matt Damon,
If you are the type of celebrity to randomly google your own name and sift through references for hours and hours and finally arrive on my blog, I implore you, come back to 30 Rock.  That half hour season finale of 30 Rock was simply not enough wacky, airline pilot, Damon for me. 

Much appreciated,

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A little like the prodigal son....only not as epic.

You all like how last time I mentioned that I was going to get back into the routine of posting regularly?  Well joke was on you all....and me.  Cause I meant it, but that didn't happen.

We moved on the 14th and the actual moving process too like two weeks.  It was finally on the 25th of May that we got the last box of stuff out of our old apartment.  I guess that is what happens when you move yourself.  And we are still unpacking and shuffling a few pieces of furniture around, but everything is actually functional.  However, it took like two weeks to get our cable and internet transferred.  I REALLY hate our provider but we live in a one provider neighborhood and I just refuse to buy any sort of mini satellite dish....doesn't really jive with someone that moves every 2 - 3 years.  So we had no choice but to wait.  (We did however go out and buy an HD antenna so that I could catch the finale of LOST....if anyone wants to chat about it I will be more than happy too.  It is one of those things that I sit around and just hope someone brings it up in any conversation.)

All that being said, I am finally in a place that I can start developing a routine again.  So bear with me, I will be back, I promise.