Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You put on shoes and walk.

A few years ago my husband, Nick, and I starting occasionally looking at each other and saying things like, "We should really be more outdoorsy" or "Dude, we should totally go camping some time."  But we always said it the way many people say like, "Wow, we should totally join a gym" or "We really should get to the theater more."  You know, just a very vague passing statement that has about as much commitment behind it as Lindsey Lohan has at an NA meeting.  That's not to say we, or I, was being disingenuous.  I really did want to do those things but just felt like that was something that should be filed under the category of "for other people."  People who have the knowledge to deal with nature and not get hurt.  People with longer attention spans than mine.  People who are in top physical condition.  People that have the money to travel sporadically, buy gear, hire a sherpa, that sort of thing.  Not me.

Then this past month I both watched and read, "Into the Wild", which you'd think a story about a kid dying (not a spoiler, I swear) in a failed attempt to "live off the land" would cause me to swear off all kinds of nature.  But no, despite the fact that the film was so emotionally jilting it actually gave me nightmares and kinda pushed me off center for a couple days, I kept imagining pretty pictures of Alaska.  Then, at one point I realized that if this kid can live like a vagabond for like 2 years and spend about 100 days in Alaska with a gun, some rice and not much more, surely, SURELY Nick and I could go hiking. 

So one day I turn to Nick and say, "We should learn to hike."

"What do you mean learn to hike?  You put on shoes and walk.  You've been hiking before."

"No, I haven't.  I have just been on like nature walks and stuff.  I mean real hiking."

"What is 'real' hiking?"

"Like where we have to take backpacks.  And we are gone all day.  And we run into a bear, but thankfully we have read up and know what to do and we barely make it out alive...no pun intended."

"You're dumb."

"I know, can we go buy a book?"

So we did.  Now I have about 5 or 6 suggested hikes bookmarked.  They are all short, just a few miles or so.  I am a baby steps sorta girl.  They are pretty local so the plan is; (if the weather holds) get up Saturday, work out, then have an outdoor adventure.  

If I am not back sometime next week just assume I had a run in with an alligator.  Or, more likely, tripped over a log and busted my arm.


  1. Man I applaud you guys for doing what we have trouble doing – getting off the couch!

  2. Oh man! We have all said (and not done) these things!
    I read "into the wild" but somehow I didn't even know that it was made into a movie!

  3. Ah someone told me about that film a wee while ago! Sounds like it's worth the watch. I say random, "we should go camping" type things too ... and have yet to go. One day ...
    Enjoy your hiking experience!

  4. Would you care to slap some of your motivation on my back? I can't even manage the stairs down to visit my treadmill these days. :)

  5. We love hiking- never seen a bear- scorpions, coyotes, and hares- that's it.

    I wrote a post a while back on that film and also Grizzly Man- You should totally watch that too!

  6. Walk around a park and call it hiking. That's what I do. Much safer.

  7. Awesome!!!! Hiking is super great exercise and feels wonderful as you get to the top of the mountain or climbing or closer to the destination. One time we hiked up Greystones in Ireland, if you guys ever go there, you should definetly do it! it is in the south east area and its a great hike and there is a really pretty view at the top! You are going to be awesome hikers! I recommend getting some really good hiking boots for your first hike that will last you awhile.

  8. I'm a passionate hiker, but nothing requiring backpacks. I'll save the epic survival gear adventures for when I get a llama or some other agreeable pack animal. It's just not as much fun when your back's sweaty!

  9. You're a funny pair. A books a great start. Lindsay did not even make it that far.

  10. "..hire a sherpa.."

    Okay, that might tempt (I did NOT write convince) me. Otherwise all deals are off. You are a braver man than me, Gungadine. I'll wait back at base if you need me to organise the search paries.

    And kindly STOP putting crazy notions into my hubby's head!

  11. I'm so happy for you. You're a lovely pair.
    And I love hiking. What great exercise!

    Hope your Valentine's Day was beautiful.

    B xx

    Plus: Thanks for your wonderful comment.