Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dodging a Bullet

It has been a few weeks.  Yes, I was busy, but more than that I just wasn't quite sure what to write.

The first half of March was abnormally heavy for me.  Nothing catastrophic for myself.  Nothing that really impacts my daily life.  Just a series of quite serious things developing for people around me.  It was the type of week that causes one to step back and take stock in where one is, where one is going, and from whence one came.  But above all, at the end of the day, it was the type of month where one just can't end up feel lucky.  My biggest realization, thus far at least, came last week.

When you move and travel frequently enough the world seems to become both bigger and smaller at the same time.  Bigger in the sense that you get to enjoy more of the world's variety.  Smaller in the sense that a broader spread network of friends and acquaintances makes the world a little more accessible and a little less intimidating.  The world felt particularly small when the earthquake and resulting tsunami hit Japan.  Within the past 6 months we had connections that had moved from Japan back to the states, we have connections in Guam, Hawaii and all up and down the West Coast.  Thankfully, no one we knew sustained any damage.  Although, amazingly enough, we found out a couple days later that a friend of ours had a layover in Tokyo a day before the disaster occurred.  Truly a lucky thing that he didn't delay his trip like he had initially planned.  It took me an extra few days to come to the realization that, had things gone my way, we would have been in Japan.

We had never wanted to move back to Charleston.  Our plan was always to go live abroad when Nick took his shore tour.  Japan was our first choice.  When Nick was assigned a position back South Carolina I was devastated.  Even though we have really settled back into the Charleston, made some great friends and love where we live, I still clung to some of the bitterness I had about moving back.  Until last week, when I saw the tsunami footage for what seemed like the 20 time (and somehow each time getting more devastating than the last) when it suddenly dawned on me that, for all intent and purpose, we were supposed to be living there.  I am not sure I could have dodged a bigger bullet.  I have rarely felt more fortunate.

SIDEBAR:  I will be away from posting for the next few weeks as I have a couple large projects that need some attention.  I hope to be back to posting shortly after Easter.

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