Monday, August 22, 2011

I miss my sweaters.

Fall used to be my favorite season.

However, now I live in a part of the country where fall months are actually just an extension of summer, only with more rain.  And hurricanes.  A billboard told me today that hurricane season lasts until November 30.  What sort of crap is that?

So apparently I need to readjust my thinking and just say that winter is my favorite season.  Which just doesn't sound right, but whatever.

All I am really trying to get at is this; it is August 22.  It should NOT be 90 degrees and muggy.  The weather should be leaning towards this.


  1. hi erika,

    always good to hear from you! please do keep in touch.

    i miss my sweaters, too!
    and i love winter. i find the heat unbearable every summer!

    thanks so much for stopping by and for the lovely comments.

    loving your blog.


  2. Its going to get cold soon don't worry!!! Enjoy the warmth and sun! Where we moved to the winters get really really bad and like freezing, I wish I could give you some of the cool weather now and make it warmer later! I love a warm sweater on a chilly day too! maybe just add a hot cup of tea and thats perfect:)

  3. And that is why I live where I do. Spring, mild summer, fall, and no real winter! Good thing, I'm not a sweater person anyway (on me, that is!).