Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I started this blog back in the fall of 2009.  I started writing it as a coping mechanism.  My husband had been assigned to a job with an intense work schedule.  We were moving to a part of the country where I felt a little like a square peg.  And above all, I was unemployed; unemployed in the worst way.

After nearly a decade of working retail (either over summers, part-time as an associate, or full time as a manager) I was burnt out in a way that begets crazy cat ladies or people that spend all their time building model trains in their basement.  I was always tired.  I had no circadian rhythm.  And, while I had friends, I hated people as a general rule.  There was no going back to customer service for me.

That left me and my communications BA in a town whose economy thrives on tourism (hospitality, retail and food & beverage) and government contracting (engineers) with no idea what to do.  So my husband and made a choice to live simply and I embraced that unemployment.  I read, I learned to bake, I started practicing yoga, I started running, and I routinely wrote this blog.

Then, a weird thing happened.

I accidentally got a job.

It was a real adult job, where I was thrown in a cubicle, had a badge, and I was just one of thousands of workers.  With this real adult job came a real adult income.  So my husband and I were able to try all sorts of restaurants, go to festivals, and travel with a frequency that seems pathological.  (In 2010 I planned a trip to Prince Edward Island on a whim.  Most people call their spouses and suggest a new place to try for dinner.  I called my husband and was all like, "Hey you wanna go to Canada in a couple months?")  This blog fell victim to our hectic lives.

The job, the incessant travel, the general life of little accountability was wonderful, but not sustainable.  I never expected it to be.

There have been a lot of changes for us in the past few months, almost all of them having in some way to do with this little guy.....

As so frequently seems to happen in life, I feel like we have come full circle.  We are preparing to move again in a few short months.  I am unemployed.  Once again I turn to this little corner of the internet to help structure my week and keep my brain from turning to mush.


If you know me personally, hello and thanks for clicking on this link.

If you are surprised to see this entry on your blog roll, thanks for keeping me around.

If you happened to have stumbled upon this page by pure circumstance, welcome.

The journey begins again....

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  1. I believe I remember you (fondly). It's great to see you again, Erika! Thanks for following so I could do the same.

    Congratulations on your precious little one.